Born 11/2 1998

Pagan is born and raised in our home. She moved to Marie Juhlin at Juliagardens kennels
when she was about 2,5 years. (Phone: +46-485-374 20)

But in our hearts a little piece of Pagan will always be "our" dog.

She is very well built, moves well and has a wonderful mentality, she has plenty of self confidence.
Pagan is free from both hip and elbow dysplasia and she has a full and correct bite.
She has passed an official mentality test.
Pagan is a very happy dog who loves to work.

We attended a few official shows with Pagan, and she got very nice critics.
She has one certificate.

(21/8-99 Leonard Pagliero: Quality bitch of a good type.
Well presented and at 18 months developing well.
Nice head and expression. Strong body. Correct ridge.
Sound quarters. Moved well.)

She had her first litter March 22, 2001. 5 boys and 5 girls.
The father is Corleo´s Calypso.
The pups are very well built, has a wonderful mantality and seems promising.
Pagan has proved herself beeing a great mom.

Pagan with her pups.

A copy of mom!

Let us come out!

SVCH Juliagardens Poseidon "Lilleman" is posing.

Juliagardens Apollon.

Pagan had another, not planned litter, September 14, 2001. 4 boys and 2 girls.
The father is Oppigarden´s Sang.
Also this litter was a sucess, well built pups with a wonderful mentality.

Juliagardens Gallahad.

Juliagardens Lady Of The Lake "Leini" on vacation.

"Leini" as a puppy, looking just like mom!

Marie was so pleased with Pagan's and Sang's first litter so she mated Pagan with him once more.
Five boys and four girls were born January 8, 2003.

Pagan´s pedigree

Pagan about 8 weeks old.

Pagan 1 year old.

Pagan 2 years old. Photo: Asa Tellestedt