Freja prefers sleeping in the bed.

Raisa is visiting.

Freja against the wind!

Freja is playing with her brother Hirilondë.

And he is going down.

Freja was promised a new stationwagon with AC if she took a 1:st prize on her first
trackingcompetiotion. Mom and dad went to by a new car. Freja likes her Octavia RS.

Freja on "grandpa´s" sailingboat.

Freja and mom.

This is Freja´s favourite place to rest at the country house.

Freja by the sea.

Freja at school.

It´s tough at school!

Freja and Raisa takes a break.

Freja just after she got her third 1:st prize towards her Schweisshund Champion title.

Freja relaxing.

Freja is enjoying her vacation.

She loves the sun.

Freja and her brother Hirilondë is playing.

Freja likes to play in the water.

Playing with her brother.

Freja and her friend Sacha....

...have fun when they meet.

Freja is visiting her mother Raisa.

And play around a little.

Freja is playing with a stick in the backyard.

Freja is demonstrating her "playful ears".

Freja and her friend Selma is fast asleep on moms lap.

Freja in her box.

Freja, about 3 months, visiting her mother Raisa.

Freja with her friend Sacha.

Freja, 10 weeks old, has stolen moms shoe.

Freja is posing for a christmas card.

Freja with mom.

8 weeks, playing with a gift from "grandma".

Freja is killing her new bed.

Freja, just 8 weeks, is posing for the camera .

And posing again...

Has just arrived in her new home, resting with dad.

Freja just 5 weeks old...

...resting in moms arms.

Freja and her sister Helluin 1 week old.