Freja and her friend Selma in moms and dads bed.

Freja and Hirilondë begging for a treat.

Giving her friend Selma a kiss.

Freja says hello to a four days old kitten.

Freja on a sailing trip.

Freja posing on our vacation trip to Varberg.

She loves playing in the water...

..with empty plastic bottles.

Who's that?

Visiting "grandma's" summer house .

Freja on a sightseeing tour to the castle of Tullgarn.

Freja meets her halfsisterTamio for the first time.

They become friends....

...and have a good time.

Enjoying the spring.

Freja loves tracking!

A sunny winterday and playdate for Freja and some of her brothers and sisters. They were having a great time!

Freja and Hirilondë often meets to play.