Freja playing with her brother Hirilondë and her friend Kalrondô.

Kalrondô visiting...

Sometimes Freja uses her friend Selma as a pillow. Nice and warm!

Otherwise Selma finds her places to sleep both here and there. Like in the bathroom...

..or in a drawer.

At "grandma and grandpa's" cottage a weekend in November.

A sunny day in November, Freja and...

...her friend Kalrondô going for a walk.

They were having a good time!

Visiting "grandma".

Freja and her brother Hirilondë for a walk a wonderful day in November.

Dad has been shopping and Freja has got a box to play with.

Wow! "Teddy" was in the box!

Mom and Freja..

..and Petra and Hirilondë enjoying the sunny autaumn day.

And mom out some things to find! Freja loves it.

Freja at a ridgebackrace again. She loves it!
Photo: Joacim Hansson

Freestyle class at Oppigarden. That was fun!

Practising to twirl.

Petra and Hirilondë practising slalom.

Ridgebackrace in June. In front of the camera is:
Sandra and Rizzla, Petra and Hirilondë and also Malena and Freja.

Rizzla and Freja at the finish.

At SRRS:s ridgebackshow in Lenninge.

Tina Permo judging Freja.

Freja loves being in the water in the summer.

She enjoys swimming after wooden sticks.

Her brother Hirilondë prefers chasing rocks.
They must be big enough to make a good splash.

Freja and Hirilondë on a summer walk.

Hirilondë's "baby brother" Kalrondô was there too.

Plastic bottles are very fun.
Freja opens them in a few seconds.

Resting in the sun.

...enjoying the vacation.

Freja and Hirilondë has been to a schweisshund competition.

Visiting Eva at Oppigarden's

Lilleman and Freja posing.

Lilleman, Freja, Elin and Nova in the background.

Freja has the stick, Nova is close behind and Lilleman following.

Lilleman has caught up with Freja and is trying to grab the stick.

Nova and Freja decide to share instead.

Freja in the park at springtime.

Both Freja and the cat Selma is having a wonderful time in the grass.

The Irish Setter Rufus is Freja's best friend at the summerhouse.

Freja enjoying that springtime is back!

Having a good playtime with her friend Boss.

Looking for friends.

Freja playing with her friend Troja.

Freja and mom going fast...

...and Hirilondë and Petra keeping up the rear.