Rossa visiting in December.

She has nicked Freja's piece of fur!

Freja loves playing with Rossa.

The first snow is always fun.

Playing with her friend Kalrondô.

There he goes down

The pups are being weaned and Freja gets less food,
so she goes begging to our neighbours . Photo: Ronny Carlsson

Their dog Rufus and Freja are best freinds. Photo: Ronny Carlsson

Freja and the pups at our summerhouse.

The pups are born! More pictures of them.

About 1,5 weeks left. The tummy is big.

Her brother doesn't leave the water unless he has to.

Soon only two weeks left.... is teasing Freja for her big tits.

Less then 3 weeks left, nice to cool of the big tummy.

Freja is resting in the sun,

On a walk a wonderful day in May.

Freja doing her workout. She loves it!

Springtime is here at last.

Freja and her friend Kalrondô a wonderful day in March.

Enjoying the sun.

Searching in the snow with her brother.

Freja going for a walk a snowy day in February.

She is playing with Kalrondô while Hirilondë is sniffing the snow.

Freja and Kalrondô share a common interest for sticks.

On a walk a very cold day in January...

...together with her brother.