Taurus (Dino) is visiting and Maja finds a new playmate.

Maja and Freja having a "discussion".

The dogs are sleeping on the porch while mam and dad are paintin inside the new house.

Maja is checking out her new backyard.

Freja clearly shows who is older and in charge.

She is also Maja's idol and a comfortable safe pillow....

...since she has outgrown her little box.

We are visiting "grandpa" and the dogs are playing on the front lawn.

Young Maja is " killing" Freja.

Until Freja gets bored and stands up.

Then they just rest in the sun.


Car training, Maja likes it.

Taking a short walk in the forest.

Freja is eating blueberris. Maja is watching but..

...doesn't understand what she is doing.


Freja has stolen Maja's chewing toy!

It's nice resting in the sun.

Maja has borrowed Freja's big chewingbone.

Freja has taken the best place.

8 weeks old.

Maja wants to taste averything.

Resting on daddys shoes after a long day....

...and falls asleep.


She has taken Freja's little cat as a pillow.

Has just arrived to her new home, resting in her box.


Maja 4 weeks.

Playing, Maja to the left.

In July mom and Freja went on a vacation to the mountains in the north of Sweden.

Our friends Monica and Nelson.

Nelson and Freja are searching for reindeers.

Nelson, SVCH Oppigarden's Nadir. Good looking fellow, thought Freja.

Both weather and veiw was wonderful!

Freja posing.

Lunch, Freja takes a nap.

Lilleman carried Evas baggage.

Freja loves being by the shore at our summer house.

Moms nephew Theo came visiting fron Japan.

He wanted to be with Freja all the time. She was very patient.

The best moments of the visit to Sweden was when we walked Freja.

Freja and Lilleman was placed 1:st and 3:rd at
SRRS:s Swedish Schweisshund Championship 2006!

Playdate for the puppies a wonderful day in May.

Some smalltalk and playing.

Rossa stayed with us for a few days.

Rossa and Freja.


Rossa and Freja...

..playing in the snow.

Freja gets a piece of dads dinner.