One of the few nice days of December..

For a walk in the forest a nice September day..


Maja is posing and Freja is looking for a moose.

Freja is crazy for blueberries...

..and Maja was soon to take after.

Maja with her mom Nova standing behind and her friend Hjartat resting.

Maja, Freja and Rossa.

Freja and Rossa.

Maja is playing with her beloved (very ugly) ostrich from Ikea.

She is 1 year old now ang a big girl!

The first thing the dogs do in the morning is resting och the porch.


Visiting Nelson.

Freja and one of the cats of the house, Leona.

They love the sun.

Maja uses Freja as her pillow.

Maja in action...

..and wrestling with Kalle.

Skiing: Freja smells something to eat next to the tracks
and doesn't care about mom...

On a walk a sunny but very cold winterday.


Playdate in february. Who are the worst beggers?
Rossa, Freja and Maja of course!

Freja and Maja on a walk a nice day in February.

They found a good stick.

Maja loves the snow.

On a walk with her friend Kalrondô.

Wrestling in the snow.

And then resting in a warm bed.