Maja and Freja in the snow.

Maja in the snow.

Freja sleeping.

Maja in the sun.

On a walk a nice autumn day. Freja is begging for a treat.

Rossa has found a pice of wood that Maja wants.

Maja gives up.

Freja and...

...Rossa really looks alike.


On a walk a wonderful late-summer day.

Freja likes her wooden stick small.

Maja and "grandma".


Maja and mom in the mountains.

Sometimes Maja pulled mom.

Maja carried som of our stuff.

Our friends Lillen and Tompa.

Lillen and Maja.

Lillen resting.

Maja tasting the wind.

The water from a mountain creek taste wonderful!

Tompa, Hjartat and Eva.

At a mountain top.

You don't want to fall down here!

Maja sleeps sitting up.


Maja posing by a beautiful view.

Maja and Myran resting.


Visiting grandma and grandpa in Fagelsundet.

Freja working on her tan.

Maja wondering what the neighbours are doing.

Freja cooling off.


Maja has fallen asleep in our backyard.


Maja playing with har best friend Chica.

Freja and Chica resting.

Chica is a little mixbreed who lives with my dad.