Maja and Freja chewing their toys and sharing the best dog bed...

..the one by the fireplace.

Myran and Maja are ready to head north.

Me and Maja.

Bittan and Myran.

The house we rented.

First day and we are finally up on the mountain. Lovely!

Second day and Maja gets to work.

Maja and me.

Some sightseeing and picnic by a lake.

Going for a walk.


Myran :-)

Myran and Maja going nuts.



Maja is in a pretty good shape after a few days in the mountains.

Playdate in May.

The pups had a good time!

Gallardo getting ready for tracking.

Nelly is resting....

..and the pups are playing in the mud.

Santos makes sure that they bahave.


Visiting my dad, Maja and Chica is playing.

Where did Chica go? Maja is searhing.

She went field-mouse hunding instead.

I "kidnapped" Myzan when we went to Vaddo over the 1:st of May.

We went down to de sea.

Madde encuorages Myzan do go into the water.

Is it cold?

It's very cold ....

OK I do it!

Freja loves the shore.

Maja too.

Myzan ready to attack, but she didn't dare....

Working on her tan.


Maja loves climbing. I wonder what she is looking for.

Going for a lovely walk in the spring sun.

Freja is begging for a treat.

No treats. She finds a few good twigs instead.

Rossa is visiting and she is also enjoying the sun.

A beautiful winterday in Dalecarlia.

Maja and Chica are good friends.

There were plenty of snow!

Freja, Maja and Chica playing.

Chica jumping in the snow and...

...attacks Freja, Maja coming from the other side.

The snowmonster Chica!

But even she took a rest after the walk.