Om vacation in the mountains. Maja helps to pull..

...and Myzan helps to carry.

Maja watching mom and Myzan.


Myzan resting on Kjelle's lap.

Lunchbreak at Tvarastugan.

Are thoose reindeers over there?

Yes. Don't let go of the leashes!

Myzan resting.

The view taken with an fisheye objective.

Myzan looks funny.



We just made it home before the rain started!

Resting by a beautiful stream.


Freja loves being at Vaddo. She loves to sunbathe.

And she loves to pick blueberries.


Sometimes a good old twig will do.

Maja also loves being at Vaddo.

She prefers rock-climbing.

This simmer she swam!

After swimming it's good to rest in the sun.

Freja's resting too.


Maja watching mom eating icecream.

Freja too.

Of course they got to taste some!


Playdate for the "puppies".

It was a warm day so we went down to the lake.

Maja and Stella chasing Myzan.

Myzan and Stella.




Stella loves to swim.


A wonderful day of April we walked up the ski slope for a picnic.

Maja in action. :-)

Freja searching for something to nibble on.

She found a little stick.

Freja resting next to dad.


Freja and Maja helps by disturb while Sandra trains Boomer.


After that they got to play.

Boomer going for Maja.