Smilla training for the showring.

The best was playtime afterwards and to chase her friend Denver.

A wonderful october day.

Maja and Smilla loves running in the fields.

And wrestling.

Smilla has been lectured by Maja.

Smilla with her funny ears.

She really is a copy of Freja!

Maja is playing so nicely with little Smilla.

Smilla is admiring "grandma" and hoping for a little taste.

Going for a little walk by the shore.

Smilla is tasting the sea.

A nice summer day on Vaddo.

Maja is falling asleep next to dad.

And she is flying! That's what happens when your ears are too big. Maja is not impressed..

Redy for take-off! :-)

Checkin out the garden.

Happy pup with flying ears!

Spying at the kitchen.

Smilla is helping mommy.

Smilla 8 weeks has just moved in with us!


Maja going nuts a sunny day in march. :-)