Ronja, Raisa and Pagan

Ronja, Raisa and Pagan posing for a christmas card.

Posing again.

Ronja and Raisa.

Going for a swin a warm summerday.

Ronja and Pagan playing.

Mom, Pagan and Ronja.

Raisa and Ronja waiting for dad.

Pagan and Ronja going for a walk.

Ronja with one of her favourite toys.

Ronja exploring a box.


We find it hard to understand how Raisa can find this position comfortable.


Pagan's favourite waste of time most part of the year.

Pagan racing up the hill.

Pagan relaxing.

Pagan loves the snow.

Pagan has stolen Ronja's little chicken.
(One that Ronja nicked from dad's work.)