Smilla and Quattro at Gotland.



Smilla has won her third 1:st prize in Schweisshund and is now a
Swedish Schweisshund Champion!
We are very proud.

Gallardo has passed over the rainbowbridge.
Our thoughts are with his family.


Smilla 1 year.

Myzan and Maja



Juli 22
Smilla won her third 1:st prize in a row and became Swedish Schweisshund Champion!

June 26
Gallardo has passad away.

February 7
Indy and Karif are also X-rayed and free!

Hasselsnarets kennels

We are a small family kennel in Sweden and have two girls and two boys for the moment:
Oppigarden's Pangbrud, born 2006, called Maja.
Oppigarden's Smilla Smorblomma, born 2013, called Smilla.
Hasselsnarets Quattroporte, born 2014, called Quattro.
Hasselsnarets Shamal, born 2014, called Helmer. We co-own Helmer with kennel Oppigarden.

Maja and Smilla lives with mom Malena and dad Kjell in Akersberga just outside Stockholm.
Helmer lives on breeder's terms with the Knutsson family on Toro outside Nynashamn.


Maja and Smilla.

Malena has always been crazy about animals in general, particulary about dogs.
She had her first litter of puppies when she was only 14 years old,
after her Italian Greyhound SUCH Per-Mo'bile Magdalena.
Of course with lots of help and support from parents and breeder of the time, Tina Permo.
There were three pups in the litter and they went to new homes in:
Stockholm, Norway and the Canary Islands!

Today we are cooperating with Eva Bryntse at Oppigarden´s kennels.

Our purpose is to breed sound, well built Ridgebacks with a god mentality.
A friend that you can love for a long time.

This site is about our dogs with pedigrees and photos.
It is about upcoming and previous litters etc.
However, we do not sell puppies over the internet!
We are very concerned about finding good loving homes for all our puppies.
That is why we like to meet our puppybyers.
And we belive that is the best way to get both happy puppies and happy byers.

If you have questions about our dogs, please donīt hesitate to contact us!

©Hasselsnarets Kennels

Malena Hallberg
Murkelvagen 178
Phone: +46-70 531 77 48